Economic recommendation and training

JMKWADRAAT approaches the economy of your laundry in a simple and direct manner. This approach can help you bring your company’s results to a higher level. Furthermore, JMKWADRAAT introduces new approaches to your organisation and financial structure in a creative manner.

We of JMKWADRAAT do not become nervous in potentially difficult financial situations. Over the years our creativity and response speed have brought the solution many entrepreneurs were looking for.

Interim Management

JMKWADRAAT assists where the need is high. We have vast management experience in the laundry business. For this reason, it is attractive for you to hire us for a temporary executive function on the Executive Board.

The interim management style of JMKWADRAAT is direct, personal, flexible, involved and assertive. Because of our experience and expertise with the different areas of the laundry venture, we can develop a personal form of coaching tailored to your needs. Our clients can count on short, fast and clear lines of communication.

Contact us today for a consultation free of obligations and discover that the simple JMKWADRAAT approach is frequently the best!